Weekend Update

I love work weeks when I get off on time and I can enjoy my horses. Mara got worked twice during the 5 day stretch- and not just lunged but ridden. Of course the first day she was awful, she hadn’t worked very well that weekend either so I did a bridle change and Thursday we had a much better ride. Got her to relax at the walk after working on her trot- a huge success! Dan was a good boy too we have been doing trail rides around the property and I couldn’t be happier with him.

Each day it seems to get hotter here- so far I don’t mind it because Dallas is much less humid than what I grew up with. As I tell everyone I would take 115 F with 60% humidity than 80 F with 90% humidity. But the sun rays are much stronger down here; even with long lasting super strength sun screen it’s not hard for me to get burnt out here; I’m actually getting a tan, something I have never had before. No complaints there though! 🙂

Next week I am out of the country for work which I am excited about but at the same time I have to learn behind my equines all to the care of James- he does a good job feeding them but they won’t be getting work. I guess it’s no different when I am busy and tied up at work from morning to night. Expect you’ll get some pictures of palm trees, a bonus!

As for one horse tack review I am super happy with Valley Vet Supply right now; they made my week. I have been wanting to get some sport boots for Dan for when we try some speed events. I was looking at Professional’s Choice, but Weaver is currently having a deal on their Prodigy boot right now; also being a big Weaver fan I wanted to give them a try plus they come in my favorite color turquoise. So I rushed to Sstack to see if I could snag a pair and they were all out of turquoise; I called customer service and asked if they expected more with the deal being ran and they told me no; they told me to pick another color. Not wanting to take that route I jumped on google and did a search to see who else was doing this deal and had my color still in stock; no luck. I then found myself on Valley Vet’s Supply and decided to call and see if they would be ordering anymore of my special color- and they were! I won’t get the boots until middle of July but I am okay with that as Dan and I aren’t even working on speed events yet, still getting those basics down. But when we do start to work on them, he will have four lovely turquoise boots to wear.

Anyways I will post next weekend once I am back in Texas.


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