It rained more than cats and dogs…..

This week was a wet one. Monday morning I was awoken by the strongest Texas thunderstorm I have experienced so far. Bone rattling thunder, forked lighting, and rain coming down so hard and fast it almost looked like a blizzard. James agreed that if by the time we normally leave for work if the storm had not cleared up we would call in due to it being too dangerous to drive. The storm was so bad that it ripped the screens off of our windows and we had to go rescue them…. Thankfully the wind died down enough for us to leave in the down pour. Where were the horses during this? In their small but stable lean-to? Nope, they stood outside in the rain through the whole storm. And by the time I came home the storm had moved on but the ground was a giant mud pit once again and I had three extremely muddy equines staring at me for dinner; you couldn’t tell that two of my horses are normally considered to be sorrels.


I guess they enjoy being pelted by heavy… All three of them together one of the blobs in the background.

So of course working them was out of the question… I got sucked into the mud on Tuesday and found it hard to even walk in some parts. All of the dirt I had removed from them on Monday had multiplied it seemed…. Wednesday the place started to dry out to only get slammed by another ranging thunder storm on Thursday. This one wasn’t as bad as the one on Monday but enough to wet the ground to stop any horse related activities from going on….

That is my training report for the week- diddly squat. I envy everyone who has any kind of indoor arena right now.

On a good note this week was Midwest Charity Horse Show, so I wasn’t suffering too much from horse withdrawal as I have been watching the classes any chance I get. It is currently on right now, waiting for the Saturday matinee to finish before I go play with my horses, who yes still have some mud on them…



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