Horse tack review: Andis Freedom Cord/Cordless Clippers

Since I am no longer riding with a barn and doing everything myself it meant that I needed to invest into some clippers. Unfortunately when I start horse supply shopping I am always reminded that I am on a budget. But I knew what I wanted and I had a price limit I would pay- under $100. Again I found myself at, the first place I check when in need of supplies.

So when these came on sale last month I bought a set, I chose these over a similar Wahl clipper because they have a faster rpm, 6,000 vs. 5,500 rpm. Plus they had better reviews on battery life than the Wahl. Both were the same price but these two factors steered me towards the Andis.


They are one speed with adjustable blades for a coarse or close clip. They clipped Mara’s bridle path, nose whiskers (I never clip eye whiskers), throat latch, and her fetlocks just fine. It did struggle on the fine blade with her bridle path which was about two inches long. I switched them to the coarse blade and it did fine, then went back over the area with the fine setting.

Taco I thought would be the worse to clip as he is so young and I knew he had never seen them. My donkey was a good boy expect he kept trying to eat them when I clipped his muzzle. Dan on the other hand, I learned had never seen a pair of clippers in his life, so clipping him was interesting. But he did in the end let me finish and he looked, okay. Had a few choppy areas that needed to grow in- my bad. šŸ™‚

But after a week I saw hair growing back quite quickly. And after two weeks I had to clip again. The clippers I am use to get a closer cut than these so for horses in training they need to be clipped once a month. But once again those are the nice two speed with changeable clipper blades.

To be positive about them I loved having the cordless option and they did the job, even if I had to go over an area twice. it took me over an hour to clip all three- most of that spent on Dan who was convinced they were out for his skin. I never had the battery weaken. I have read reviews saying that if you use the cord they do cut a bit better; but I haven’t tested this out myself. Another nice thing about these clippers is the replacement blades are not an arm and a leg; around $15.

Note I don’t clip ears with clippers like this, I have done it too much and had too many fights over the years I invested in a pair of Wahl pocket pro which are very quiet and allow you to keep the shape of the ear and still reach the hard to get spots. One of the best twenty dollar bill I ever spent, but don’t ever try to use those small clippers for anything else because they will break eventually due to the coarser hair.


So my overall opinion is that these are great for touch up or quick trims; they will be a favorite on my horse show checklist because of the battery life and how easy they are to take with. Yes they get the job done, not as nice as the expensive clippers, so you may have to clip your horse more often. But keep in mind those nice clippers will run you easy $200; while these I got for $50. Easy on the pocket book while doing the job too.

Here are the links for both clippers:
Andis Freedom Cordless Clippers
Wahl Pocket Pro

That is all this time, happy horse trimming everyone!


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