A good end to the long weekend

So my last post I was quite sad that according to the forecast we were suppose to get rain everyday over the memorial weekend; which when you look forward to your weekends to spend all of your time outside with your horses or working in the yard is an instant buzz-kill. Thankfully the rain held off until today and I have two lovely days outside with my horses. I longed/lunged both Dan and Mara on Friday and Saturday, then I rode Mara and James rode Dan yesterday.

Mara renewed my faith in her as the last time I rode her it was a complete disaster. All we did was walk and work on bending, which might sound easy- but when walking is the hardest thing for your horse you have to be proud when she does it. Mara gets nervous very very quickly and if that happens you can kiss walking good-bye. She will either prance around or rear if she gets more upset. So we have been working on giving at the poll and disengaging our hindquarters to try to stay calm. She also struggles to bend and keep herself from getting crooked with her hind end. Normally if you try to push her over with your leg she gets even more nervous and breaks into a trot or a prance. Overall Mara is quite sensitive to any kind of stimulus. But yesterday we walked all over my property while giving to the bridle and moving away from my leg without getting upset; she only pranced twice but listened to my voice and my seat and went back to walking straightaway. Maybe she will make a show horse after all… I can only hope.

James and Dan did okay, they are still figuring each other out. Dan has come so far since we got him, yet still has a lot to learn. Overall they did well and I was happy that James rode Dan without me being around as I was working with Mara. It is currently raining, which I am okay with since after being outside for two days straight I need to work on the inside of my house.

One very exciting thing is we got a dog this weekend! Her name is Abby she is a Husky and I think Australian Shepard mix; one day when I have extra money I will have her DNA checked for what breeds she is. We spent all of the weekend together getting loved on at Petsmart, and we went for a walk at the nearby lake and explored the horse trails. Abby has been a nice addition to the family; minus she likes to chase the horses and the donkey so we are working on that. I have more pictures of her on my Instragram account, which if you haven’t looked at I would love it if you did.

Abby at the lake


One of the park trails.

Overall this weekend turned out much better than I thought it would have been when I saw the prediction of rain on Friday evening. Now I feel refreshed again and ready for another week of work.

Nom nom nom I love cow ears!

Nom nom nom I love cow ears!


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