Not more rain…..

Most people in Texas want as much rain as they can get- and so do I don’t get me wrong. But when it rains out here the ground turns quickly to a tacky slick mud that you cannot do anything on for at least a day to two days. Which has been a damper on me working with my horses. I unfortunately don’t have the luxury of an inside riding arena and I so badly wish I did down here. I don’t think it would bother me very much if it rained during the week since I’m at work; and since I work such long hours its not uncommon for me to only get a glimpse of time with my horses during the evening- feeding time.

The few hours of me time during the week rapidly get taken up with cleaning and cooking. So when the weekend comes I’m normally outside spending it with the horses, doing yard work, or fishing with James. So when I get a three day weekend after a more than normal stressful, long hour week and the forecast is completely bogged down with rain every day- I can say that I’m almost to the point that I hate rain.

Yes I know its good for the grass and the crops, all of my farming friends would say I’m crazy. But it seems down here in Texas like clockwork it rains only on the weekends, only on my free days off when all I want to do is be outside, with my horses, going for a walk, or even just doing yard work. Leaving me stuck inside, just like I am at work.

So I think it’s okay for me to say rain go away and come back during the weekday when I can’t enjoy the outside anyways.


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