Recap of my family’s visit to Dallas

Last weekend my mom and her husband flew down for their first visit to my new home in Dallas. Phew I was stressed, this was the first time my family has ever came out to visit where I live. I was cleaning like a madwomen the two weeks prior- not that my house is messy but I wanted to get more of my stuff unpacked and then make sure everything was washed, cleaned, and spotless for their visit.

I picked them up on Thursday at DFW and then I took them on a tour of where I work and we ate lunch and hung out at home until James got home. Tony; my mom’s husband is a chef and he wanted to explore the grand cuisine of Dallas. He had two restaurants picked out that he wanted to try during their stay, the first we would try was Smoke.


Smoke is a casual but unique BBQ restaurant. Unlike your typical BBQ which James and I are huge fans of; this was a combination of typical BBQ and fine dining. Very creative menu items but normal portions. Everything was delicious, it tasted so good that I totally forgot to take any pictures of our meals…. Opps oh well. The one secret about this place is they have awesome sauces, but you need to ask for them. I ordered their most popular dish which was a beef short rib smoked for 18 hours. And yes the meat was excellent, fell of the bone very juicy, everything you would want in BBQ. But it lacked flavor until I got a hold of their texan sauce which was the icing of the cake. I cannot wait to go back.

Friday morning we hung around the house I showed them around the place as well as the property, my animals were a huge hit for them mostly my donkey Taco and my fat cat Tubby. Those two are always wanting all of the attention. My horses were also well behaved and Mara actually let some strangers pet her head which is not very Mara like as she is a timid mare.

Dan, Tony, Taco, and my mom.

Dan, Tony, Taco, and my mom.

We said goodbye to James who had to go into work, grabbed our morning coffee and headed into downtown Dallas for the Dallas World Aquarium. From look at the outside of this building, I never would have guessed it was so cool on the inside, not only is it an aquarium but an aviary too. I got to see birds of many shapes-sizes-and colors, anteaters, bats, monkeys,  a jaguar, sharks, rays, different types of fish from all over the world, frogs, snakes, bugs. What was so cool is that the layout makes you feel like you are with the animals, you’re not just walking between exhibits the whole place is one giant one. It was the best zoo/aquarium I have ever been to. Sadly James couldn’t be there with us but I know for a fact we’ll be going back 🙂


IMG_2335[1] IMG_2387[1]IMG_2324[1] IMG_2433[1]






















After the aquarium we walked around downtown Dallas. All of us were shocked at how quite and peaceful of a downtown it was. I have visited Detriot and Chicago numerous times and Dallas was a pleasant change of your normal large cities. After lunch we headed home to see what we could do the next day.

Saturday started out just like Friday, I wished James a good day at work, got our coffee, and headed out the the cottonwood park art festival. It had been a while since I had gone to an amateur art festival for a while but we had loads of fun- once we found a place to park that is.  I wasn’t able to take any pictures here of course, but it was a nice mix of all different types of mediums, styles, and ideas. My parents purchased some new art for their house and I just drooled over stuff I wish I could afford. We left many hours later, shipped home my parents new living room art so they didn’t have to worry about packing it in their suitcase, fed the horses, then gathers James up for Tony’s second restaurant pick- Nobu. The place was interesting to say the least… Food was good but very expensive. Everything was good until I ate something that caused my asthma to flare up to the point I could barely breathe. After that the night had lost it glamour until I got my breath back.

Finally James had a day off of work so we went and did what he has  been looking forward to; The Sixth Floor Museum at the old Dallas book depository; which is where president Kennedy had assassinated from. My mom and Tony had it on their to do list when they first decided to come and visit. It was also on my list of things to do since I have moved here to Dallas, but things had been too busy with moving and work to find time to go until now. Very interesting well worth the wait in line for.  The JFK museum should be on anyone’s visit list to Dallas, a good american history lesson of a tragic event… It was informative, saddening, and a bit eerie.  Couldn’t take pictures of the sixth floor but we could on the seventh floor.

View of snipper one floor up.

View of sniper one floor up.

Dallas Book Depository. The right hand bottom corner window in this picture is where the shots were fired from.

Dallas Book Depository. The right hand bottom corner window in this picture is where the shots were fired from.

Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas from the museum.

We took some more pictures around the area, ate a light lunch then headed home where we played with Taco and the horses and took some more pictures before going out for Korean BBQ which was a fantastic way to end my parent’s visit to Dallas.

James and I together at the grassy knoll.

James and I together at the grassy knoll.

Everyone had a blast and Monday came way too quick for everyone. Sooner than I would like I was driving my parents back to the airport wishing them farewell. It was a successful first visit for my family. And I can’t wait for them to come back, and neither can they.


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